Winter Power Outage & Pools

How to protect your pool if you did not winterize and the power is down with freezing temps.
If your equipment is above water lever:
Turn breakers off.
Open all valves.
Remove all drain plugs from pump, filter, heater and remove salt cell if necessary.
If you have a sand filter turn multi port valve to open, winterize or backwash.
Make sure to leave the lid off of Backwash.
If your equipment is below water level:
Turn off breakers.
Go to your equipment open all valves that are controlling pool operation.
Open all drain plugs very slowly so you have a slight trickle of water. Make sure not to remove completely or pool will drain to equipment level.
*After power is restored you can refill the water loss then return valves to standard operation, close all drains plugs and turn your breakers back on. Now you can operate pool again.
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Merry Christmas!!!
Ice accumulation on tree branches after sleet and freezing rain winter storm.