Don’t Dig Up Your Yard

Man Working installing drop irrigation system with Pipes in Ground

Non-Invasive Pipe Repair Don’t Dig Up Your Yard!Now offering non-invasive pipe repair.Call Now for discounted rates 803.403.1926

Power Outage Pool Tips

Warm swimming pool hand rail in frosty weather outdoors focus on stainless steel stair railing

Winter Power Outage & Pools How to protect your pool if you did not winterize and the power is down with freezing temps.If your equipment is above water lever:Turn breakers off.Open all valves.Remove all drain plugs from pump, filter, heater and remove salt cell if necessary.If you have a sand filter turn multi port valve […]

Winter Pool Tip

Winter Pool Protection It’s that time again! With the Temps dropping down this weekend you will need to make sure your pool equipment is winterized or operating during the extreme cold!If we installed your pool pump you will have freeze protection already installed, just make sure it is running when the temp drops below 36 […]

Merry Christmas

Licensed York County Plumbers wishing you a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas from York County Plumbers to your family. Call us for any plumbing needs over your holiday season.